beauty-alpha —— In 2019, the AI platform Megvii/Face++ launched the ‘beauty score’ function. Meitu AI launched the function of ‘Selfie Beautification’. This function can analyse a face and assign it a score out of 100 based on criteria such as liveliness, attractiveness and symmetry. —— When face beautification filters and artificial […]

Limb, Confluence and Pending

In order to cope with or express confluences, every individual, every community, forms its own échos-monde, imagine from power or vainglory, from suffering or impatience. Each individual makes this sort of music and each community as well. As does the totality composed of individuals and communities. 為了生存或表達匯流,每一個個人和每一群體都從權力或虛妄的自我膨脹中、從苦難或躁動不安中想像著,形成了自己的回聲-世界。每一個人都構作這音樂,每一群體亦然。而這音樂的全體也譜出了個體與群體。 — Édouard Glissant […]

Background: Chocho studio reshaping the face.

Background: Chocho studio reshaping the face.Around two cases and three videos attempt to reflect the domination and control of reality by information technology, smart phones and social media. Chocho virtual clinic is a subsidiary of Chocho studio. The main customer groups are: Internet residents, virtual faces, beauty filter addict and […]

Chocho studio reshaping the face

Chocho studio reshaping the face Machine learning is expected to help humans evolve even in the field of plastic surgery. However, plastic surgeons must be aware that the artificial intelligence (AI) could create a biased view on patients, instead of promoting objectivity. More and more young people use algorithms to […]

Research on Face- tracking and 3D modeling Bias

The following research is based on the process and content of my graduation project named “Nicely Nicely all the time! ”, the objective is to explain the 3D modeling, 3D photogrammetry and face tracking, which I have applied over the course of my project. Besides this, I intend to intensively […]

Nicely nicely all the time!

Face tracking, 3D- Avatar algorithmic performance, video, interactive installation 3.5m* 5.5m, Säulengang, Kunsthochschule Kassel 4m * 4 m, Examen, Documenta halle, Kassel 3.5m * 3.5 m, CAA art museum, Hangzhou, China Full video Video and installation      I wish to ask the AI and machine: Could the automatic 3D modeling software […]


The Algorithms Aren’t Biased, We Are. – Thesis of ” Nicely nicely all the time!” PDF. Download   唉到底甚麼是二十世紀梨呀—— 他們在海島的高山地帶尋到 相當於華北平原的氣候了,肥沃豐隆的 處女地,乃迂迴引進一種鄉愁慰藉的 種子埋下,發芽,長高 開花結成這果,這名不見經傳的水果 可憐憫的形狀,色澤,和氣味 營養價值不明,除了 維他命C,甚至完全不象徵甚麼 除了一顆猶豫的屬於他自己的心。 But what is a Twentieth Century pear? They were found in the island’s mountainous region a climate comparable to the northern China […]