Chapter one beauty score“颜值打分”

Chapter two ForgivePo“原谅宝“

Chapter three So young”新氧”

Medium of work: 3-channel video installation, 3D scanning 
Material: 3 screen, 2 speakers
Dimensions: approx. H 5m* B 2m,1080HD
Year: 2019-2020
Duration: 4 min 9 sec, 5 min 22 sec, 5 min 52 sec

Machine learning is expected to help humans evolve even in the field of plastic surgery. However, plastic surgeons must be aware that the artificial intelligence (AI) could create a biased view on patients, instead of promoting objectivity.

More and more young people use algorithms to determine if their face is attractive and AI to score their beauty. But what they really want is the perfect body and the perfect face without the help of social media filters, to take the perfect selfie from all angles, instantly and without software application. Their reasoning for plastic surgery is no longer to look like a star, but instead, to become more and more like the idealized, perfect self. To become as beautiful as an Instagram filter in real life.

Chocho studio uses 3D scanning technologies to reshape the face, to make it possible for surgeons and girls to collaborate on creating the perfectly instagrammable face and to obtain a higher beauty score and more attention.

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Exhibition photos in the Kasseler Kunstverein, MINUS GLEICH PLUS